Having fixed its roots in a country of diversity in religion and culture, Seematti is bound to dedicate itself to the composition of bridal sarees which go perfectly hand in hand with the brides of each tradition. With hopes thousand and dreams million, the thought of her wedding day is meant to canopy a woman’s mind since youth. She idolizes herself in that dream, where everything is divine and beyond the point of perfection. Throughout the ages, weddings have been looked at as an ideal, divine ceremony and a bride’s hope on it knows no bounds. Indubitably, the bridal category is a sphere where the textile industry created the most sensational waves in.

The finish-line of any bridal saree should be nowhere less than absolute impeccability. Such fine concoctions can be made possible only when imagination and mastery are merged together.Those lily-white sarees that have been darling to the angelic christian weddings, or the pearl-embellished and mughal-like creations which a muslim bride bewitches everyone with, or even the classic Kanchipuram saree which whispers ancient epics at a hindu wedding. As diverse as it can be! A spectrum of enthralling bridal wears and designs awaits every bride who knocks at our door with dreams of her golden day.

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New saree fashion styles - Kochi, Kerala