Sameera Reddy's Godh Bharai

Motherhood is a celebration

Every phase of it, is a revelation

Of a life new,

As fresh as dew.

A beautiful celebration of motherhood welcoming the unborn baby to the family! Godh Bharai or Baby Shower is an auspicious occasion where the carrying woman is honoured and pampered with many gifts, wishing her abundance, good health, happiness and prosperity. 

The recent celebrity baby shower which South India witnessed, was that of Sameera Reddy’s, and Seematti’s presence in the very event has been really a bright reason to be happy about. 
What completed her looks for the special day, was a custom made Kanchipuram Saree from Seematti, satisfying all special requirements put forward by Sameera herself. This special Kanchipuram Saree was crafted with the warm threads of Bright Yellow, Golden Yellow and Red.
Yellow, being the colour of sunshine, symbolises health, happiness, hope, positivity and prosperity while Red speaks of love, passion and sensitivity. 

“Smile and the universe smiles with you🌟.

. @beenaseematti @seemattitextiles thank you for this custom Kanchipuram Silk Saree. It’s made me feel super special ❤️ #godhbharai #positivevibes .”
These words which Sameera posted along with her Godhbharai’s Kanchipuram saree picture on Facebook, had gained over 1000s of likes and comments.
For sure, we know that she is an actress who impressed her audience with that endearing smile and alluring body language in the tamil movie Vaaranam Aayiram.
The exclusive Kanchipuram Saree which Beena Kannan customised for Sameera, grabbed the attention of many. While most of the celebrities choose western wears for their Baby Showers, it was really humble and nice of this actress to have showcased the tradition and ethnicity, highlighting the femnine beauty of a Kanchipuram Silk Saree.
In fact, the brightness of Sameera’s smile and the glow of the Kanchipuram she wore, were competing with each other and it should be said that both of them together did win, the hearts of everyone who had been around.

Here’s to the happiness of Sameera


Here’s to the good health of the little one within her!