Latest Indo-western Trends in Saree Styles

Call it a timeless classic and the name is saree! The exquisiteness with which saree graces a woman’s poise has been instrumental in winning an incredibly phenomenal place for it in the hearts of all. Over time, saree has brilliantly absorbed the aesthetics of different cultures, places and traditions. Nonetheless, time proved that the range of alterations possible over the six yards of elegance, is limitless. 


This is exactly why it’s always a great idea to remix and retune your saree draping game, in any way your creative muse guides you in.

So here are 4 saree style ideas that can spice up your look:

The Badass Blazer

If you think blazers limit themselves to office-living formals and best men’s wedding choices, you got it wrong! For they are now crowned the sassy mate to sarees, as an overall wear that defines your badass style statement. Our stylists at Seematti, Kochi and Kottayam can assist you better in acing the look.

Desi and Denim

Denims and Desi sarees have a connection; well, both can never get outdated. So why not a bombshell fusion of both? Saree and jeans work out a great chemistry irrespective of their major differences. 


Heart on the Sleeves

Those pastel-toned crisp shirts have been doing a fantabulous role in replacing the traditional saree blouses for quite some time now. The chic look is often given a final finish with a statement choker that accentuates the charm even more. The latest collection of shirts at Seematti Kottayam and Kochi, are worth a purchase!


La Belt 

Fashion has made it well clear that belts deserve to be stated out too. This way, sarees have also made their take on accommodating statement belts, which in fact turns out to be one of the coolest moves in trend-setting. The belt also works well in girdling the waist and keeping up the shape. 



Seematti Has it All

It’s never wrong to juggle two different attires into a single look, if they both have a way of standing well-synchronised. To realise such innovative fashion drills, Seematti’s outlets at Kochi and Kottayam in Kerala come as one-stop-shops for outfits of all kinds, starting from minimals to fineries and anything you desire to create that perfect medley.