IKAT PRINTS - Poetry of the Loom

India has to its credit, a vibrant panorama of fabric designs characterised by distinctive patterns and textures. Among such celebrated paragons of artistry stands Ikat - an exemplary work of weaves enriched with aesthetically pleasing colour-fusions. 

Known as the ‘Poetry of the Loom’, Ikat prints are made through an intensive and meticulous process that demands an artist’s most pure and spotless weaving skills. This renowned technique has been used in the creation of ikat silk cotton sarees, pochampally silk sarees, double Ikat silk sarees, and Ikat patola sarees.

Handloom Ikat silk sarees online are now on top search these days, because of the trend rotation that shows its revived love for traditional Ikat prints. The prime factor of convenience here is the Ikat silk saree price range that is generally affordable with much justice to the quality.

Ikat soft silk sarees online shopping has got plenty of options to choose from. With premium ikat materials worked into splendid and elegant sarees, the ikat saree lovers have a great time online finding the best of silk sarees. 

Temple border ikat sarees have a way of adorning its muse like no other. The Indian textile industry is widely known for the creation of stunning Ikat sarees that feature temple border that goes hand in hand with any colour code. 

While looking up for handloom ikat silk saree online, none can resist themselves from falling in love with the adorable range of sarees that are put on show. Handloom ikat silk sarees are purely crafted with the finest threads incorporated with long hours of labour. 

Trying out Indian Ikat Sarees on different colours can be a fabulous fashion game. Be it the alluring blue ikat pattu saree, or a bold black ikat saree. The colour variants under this very print have a charm of their own. 

Blue Ikat Pattu Saree or Silk saree come in gradations of the colour blue; like indigo, sea blue, powder blue, navy blue and so on. They suit the chunky ikat prints very well, keeping up with the uniqueness of each colour variant. 

Black Ikat Pattu Saree or Silk saree obviously stands out from the rest as it brings out a signature Indian look when paired along with silver or black metal accessories and kohl. 

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The term Ikat which means ‘to bind’, has origins from Indonesia. This printing technique is said to have multiple roots in Southeast Asia, West Africa and South America. However, historical traces make it evident that Asia’s practice with Ikat printing began 200 years ago. 

The main fabrics experimented in Ikat printing are cotton and silk. The warp and weft threads are arranged in such a way that they don’t get mixed during the dyeing process. Once dyed, the complex weaving process starts, which later results in the formation of a splendid design altogether. 

Warp Ikat
Warp Ikat happens to be the easiest method where the warp threads alone are dyed and the rest on weft are woven. This technique makes it easy to comprehend the pattern right from the warp lay. 

Weft Ikat
Contrary to the former, weft ikat is all about dyeing the weft threads first, and it is the weaving process that unveils the design involved here. Weft Ikat is more tricky and intricate than Warp Ikat. Japanese weavers are famous for their indigo and white weft ikat which features minimal motifs in cotton.

Double Ikat
Double Ikat happens to be the most difficult Ikat technique of all. Here, both warp and weft threads are purely hand-dyed before the weaving process. Due to its requirement of solid skill and mastery, Double Weave Ikat is considered supreme and the most expensive in this category. In Indonesia, only the Bali Aga village of Tenganan makes fabrics of Double Weave Ikat. 

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