Covid Weddings: The Picture So-Far!

Extravagant, glamorous ceremonies are an integral part of Indian weddings. Though the Covid-19 pandemic robbed the sheen and bustle of big fat Indian weddings, couples in the nation have been innovative in their new normal proceedings. From meeting online and saying I do to having sadhya-over-the-internet we have come so far. Without further ado, let’s have a keen look into the whole picture. 

Accepting the new normal 

In India, the Covid-19 pandemic disconcerts commenced from the month of March. Followingly, a nationwide lockdown was proclaimed. Couples across the world had to cancel/postpone the celebrations and weddings as a way out to curb the prevalence of the deadly virus, as instructed by the government. Though it’s said marriages are made in heaven but here an earthly virus halted the whole world to standstill giving a backseat to prolong planned wedlocks.

‘I have been in a relationship for seven years and we look forwarded to the big day in our life with zest and zeal. The date was fixed to be in April. But Covid-19 poured water on our plans and there was no way other than to postpone. After waiting for four months, it was evident that things might not get over anytime soon, thence we thought to go for a simple temple wedding with close relatives and family’ said Roopesh, an IT employee from Bengaluru.

The next succeeded months, saw wedding scenarios taking toll to unanticipated limits, breaking stereotypes at least in few orthodox families. Parents and relatives darted to virtual conferencing via video calls and text messages to find brides/grooms. Even though anachronistically matrimonial sites were relied for the same, covid wedding scenarios saw the bandwidth holistically.

Covid weddings

The game of Covid weddings saw ample shades of sober and staidness. Restrictions were induced in many places with limited number of guests along with other protocols. Due to these reasons in most cases, couples settled for intimate home ceremonies encompassing only close relatives. Adjusting to the new normal many couples were also able to celebrate their weddings in resorts and five-star hotels. Here too, there was limit to the number of invitees, however, the charm and glamour went poise.

Plan B for the attires

One good thing about covid wedding most brides voted is, there is no need to worry about sophisticated dressing since the ceremony is indisputably intimate. Even so, many brides were spotted in stunning colors of yellow, red, and peach with matching masks. Sruthi Dinesh, a designer based in Chennai acclaims, ‘most brides these days prefer going with the same mask crafted from their own bridal attire. The wedding market is making the trend serious such that the surge is above the purview’. There is also an even-handed demand for custom-made and couple masks with embellishments of thread and embroidery work. In adhere to this, designers globally are experimenting with new designs and styles to staunch bridal expectations. 


Overall, the picture we get from the past year is, a deadly virus could only barely keep in check the wedlocks in India. Simple and normal weddings have become our choice and virtual relationships have turned to be accepted to a large extend. Even though restrictions continue, it can’t be denied we are enterprising and has veered as a piece of inspiration when it comes to safely tying knot with the love of our life amid the global pandemic.

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