Choosing Masks - Where Need and Trend unite

Fortunately for some and unfortunately for most, wearing masks has become a somewhat permanent ritual in our lives. Apart from the basic motto of keeping the virus at bay on one hand, masks even seem to turn themselves into a style statement on the other. 

Fashion fanatics have already revealed the art of pairing the right masks with the right outfits. Designer stores have also adapted to the times by making the most out of the trending-necessity. 

Let’s look into some of the top mix-matches in wearing masks: 

Pretty Pastels
Pastel shades in masks are chic and elegant as they make a soft statement by going hand in hand with any outfit of the similar or contrasting hue. They also have a way of keeping itself minimal, highlighting the main outfit so that it stands out special. 

Stripes at War
Beat a stripe by another! That’s a fair rule in your mask game. It simply means that pairing a striped outfit with a striped mask does great sync, provided that one part of the outfit, either the top or bottom, must stay plain and neutral. 

Floral Promises
What if you choose to go all plain with your dress in the thought that a bold lipstick would do the rest? Well, that’s when you suddenly realize that lipsticks are introverted these days; they like to shell up inside those protective masks. That’s how your mask takes the charge! To balance your plain outfit, you can always rely on floral masks whose colour would have some bonding with the one of your dress. 

Sometimes prettier than the lipsticks themselves, ain’t it? 

Mask and Marry
Of course! Weddings get to carry their own grandeur whether it’s a pandemic or not. So do the specially designed wedding day masks. They come in all tones and shades as absolute eye-pleasers with rich embellishments made mostly of pearls and sequins. It’s no sin to be obsessed over such stellar pieces of charm. 

Mask it Right 

We all are at liberty to harmonize our favourite apparels with the masks of our choice. Although the above-listed mask patterns are absolutely fine to go out with, some places may strictly recommend the use of N-95 masks to avoid all risks. It is imperative that your choice of masks, however, should not compromise your safety at any cost. Hence, even if you would want to put a pretty mask on show, we recommend using it as the outer layer of your double-mask regime so as to serve both purposes. 

Stay safe and happy masking! 


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