So 2019 has just stepped in and fashionistas are already on the run to find them. Find what? Of course, the blazing hot fashion trends for the year that is meant to top your wardrobes!

Search no more! For we are here, giving away all those 2019 secrets right now.

Fashion trends have always got a way of taking unexpected turns and that itself is the reason why they come unique each year. Now jump in, and see what’s in!

Fly with Colors

Well, if they can be called ‘a set of fashion mantras for the year’, the first among them would be nothing but the absolute freedom to go wild with colors. The brightest hues in the palette are currently on the front row and you can coolly try them all without pause. Pastel shades such as Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Pale Pink etc. have all been picked for the current vogue. So how can you not say YES to them when it’s time to embrace the ‘bright’ side?

Let Loose

The next time you say the words “It’s a little oversized for me” please ensure that you ponder a little more over it. For the recently set fashion rules have Loose and Oversized patterns in their list.  The bohemian styles are parents to this concept and the same has been followed here and there around the globe.  Harem Pants, Loose Kurtis, Butterfly tops, Long Cardigans and the like, are some of the much-loved outfits in the Loose-Clothes category.

Print It Out

Prints, prints! Prints of all kind! Prints of any kind! They are all welcome this year.
The printed outfit can be balanced by a single colored one.
Be it the leopard or zebra prints, stripes, checks or even polka dots!
They are all bound to give you the tag of ‘An Ardent Trend-Chaser’. 
So walk out with the Prints, dear Princess!

Granny’s Weave Box

Those classic craftworks of olden times: Laces, Crochets and what not! These works on clothing have stood the test of time and are still saved by people everywhere. Now, for the greater happiness, 2019 has pinned Crochet and Lace works to its top trends to be followed.  The elegance they freely give, when added to dresses is what that still makes them close to the fashion-hearts.

Wink with Pink

Pink is in again! This truly alluring color is always darling to womanhood. On a prouder note, the fact is that the color pink has a set of vibrant sub-shades to it.  But Oops! Don’t trip over and commit a mistake! Pink and Florals are no longer in good terms. Instead, guess what’s in for a team-up! The soft prints which beautifully go hand in hand with any shade of pink.  Fuchsia, Dusty Rose, Powder Pink, etc. have all entered the spotlight and if you crave for attention and applause, do join them!

Utilize That Utility

Yes, they are back again! Those cargo-pants or Utility Trousers with which the 90’s rock bands and westerners flaunted have become one of the major trends for yet another time. The very outfit which is also known as baggy-pant, not only lets you store your stuff with its endless number of pockets, but it also gives absolute comfort to you. These pants can be paired up well with thin tops, so as to create balance in the look.  The next time you see a Utility Trouser, you sure know that the equation behind is Cool + Comfy + On Trend!

Frills of Fancy