Saree is the traditional attire of Indian women and a symbol of artistic perfection. We know that sarees are named and sectioned under different categories, and Banarasi is one such type. The banarasi saree is highly distinguished with its rich embroidery work, metallic sheer and intricate weaving, making it holistically adored for parties, celebrations and weddings. For they are cultured in thread and reveal an elegant resplandance, Banarasi sarees is highly inspired across India as well as globally. The intricately weaved designs in Banarasi sarees include entwined florals and leaves, kalga and bel, thread of leaves/jhallar, minna, tiny motifs, boots, and patterned net (jaal) which are curated with precision and expertise.

Because there is something that Banarasi silk adds which no other silk does, for decades Indian brides have constantly been in love-struck for the same no matter how expensive they are. Considering all of the above reasons, Banarasi silk is a prime variant which itself is pure silk carrying charming threads that carries indisputable design. You can buy Banarasi silk saree online from the Seematti stores or directly from our store in Kerala We have a wide range of Banarasi silk saree as well as a lehengas and all kinds of latest ethnic attire.